Triplex pumps are the most commonly used pumps for drilling operations. Mecapump triplex plunger pumps are built to the highest quality standards for high-pressure onshore and offshore applications, including injection and hydrostatic testing. Widely used for creating a flow of fluid under extremely high pressure, our triplex high-pressure plunger pumps are designed for optimal durability and reliability.


A positive-displacement or reciprocating pump that uses three plungers, or pistons to transfer fluid, it reaches pressure of 1000 bar. Components are designed to provide high performance regardless of conditions or operational wear. The stainless-steel construction is resistant to corrosion. Low-maintenance and reliable, our triplex pumps supply a smooth and constant flow of pressure and powerful suction.


Mecapump Triplex pumps can be custom-engineered to suit your specific application and conditions. Special seals can be fitted to suit your requirements. Fully tested before shipment, we support our products throughout their life cycle to optimize your investment.

Technical advantages

Solid aluminium-cast-iron crankcase ensures stability and vibration dampening.
Crankshaft and oversize taper roller bearings together with plain bearing con rod all run in oil.
Solid ceramic plunger, and double plunger sealing with leakage-return.
All gaskets in seal sleeves to ensure precise centering and easy replacement.
Easy accessible suction and discharge valves with identical wearing parts.

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