Sealless for safety

The MC M2000 range of magnetic drive pumps is perfectly suited to the extreme conditions found in offshore and onshore drilling activities. Designed with safety and durability in mind, they are sealless, and therefore hermetic. As a result, there is no risk of leakage and potential process inefficiency is limited. Mechanical dynamic seals are replaced by a ductile cast iron isolation shell, forming a perfectly sealed liquid end or pressure boundary. As a result, the liquid and atmospheric chambers are separated. This design provides the optimal solution for pumping dangerous chemicals, hazardous liquids and volatile materials.


Our cost-effective design, sealless pumps are more reliable and require less expensive and recurrent maintenance. The pump head is manufactured with few components making maintenance simple. And the use of elastic rings minimizes sleeve and thrust bearing loads, guaranteeing years of maintenance-free operation. The cartridge replacement kit is ideal for quick and easy repairs, ensuring minimum downtime of your equipment.

Technical advantages

Internal shell front casing liners cast in a single piece of 5mm EFTE with no metal components.
Cast iron rather than stainless steel design for transferring corrosive fluids.
Temperature of the pumped liquid is unchanged during the internal discharge-suction circulation, requiring no increase in NPSH.
Epoxy primer and water-based polyacrylic paint finish combines durability with respect for the environment.

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